Team 7035M

From left, Miraleste Intermediate School eighth graders Tyler Ewald, Joe Lach, Connor Gorsuch, Andrew Sinsioco, Kosei Chetanna and Caleb Stam.

A Miraleste Intermediate School robotics team has qualified to compete in a world championship competition next month in Kentucky, a press release said.

The VEX Robotics California State Championship Tournament in Pomona on Saturday, March 11, featured 25 teams competing to qualify for the World Championships, but two Miraleste teams, 7035M and 7035S, faced off in the final match of the tournament.

Eighth graders Tyler Ewald, Joe Lach, Kosei Chetanna, Connor Gorsuch, Andrew Sinsioco and Caleb Stam of team 7035M, along with the two other teams in their alliance, were declared the California State Middle School VEX Tournament Champions. They will compete against more than 130 teams from around the world in the VEX World Middle School Championships in Kentucky next month.

Miraleste STEM teacher and VEX Robotics program mentor, Campbell Nimick, coached a total of three Miraleste teams at the state championship.

In addition, two Peninsula High School VEX teams, both with former Miraleste students from Nimick’s program, also qualified for the World High

School Championships in Kentucky, the release said.

In the meantime, the Miraleste team is setting up a fundraising and sponsorship campaign to raise money for their travel expenses to Kentucky.

Members of Miraleste team 7035S that faced off in the finals against 7035M include Carl Velasquez, Aidan Sneller, Avalon Doherty, Nathan Sheps and Sammie Moore.

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