Peninsula High School science research students

For the 15th consecutive year, Peninsula High School research students have earned more awards than any other school that entered in the L.A. County Science Fair last month, a press release said.

Regina Less and Karina Bjazevic were selected as finalists and will advance to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in May, along with Alisa Hathaway and Annie Benedict, who were selected from an Intel regional qualifier.

Grand Award Winners:

• Regina Lee: 1st Place, Chemistry

• Karina Bjazevik, 1st Place Ecology

• Ethan Uetrecht, 1st Place Earth/Space Science

• Alisa Hathaway, 1st Place Engineering Applications

• Sina Moshfeghi, 1st Place Engineering Research

• Annie Benedict, 1st Place Environmental Management

• Ishan Gaur, 1st Place Mathematics & Computer Sciences

• Saehui Hwang, 2nd Place Chemistry

• Erika Hathaway, 2nd Place Physics

• Insun (Lori) Won, 2nd Place Ecology

• Kathleen Verendia, 3rd place Animal Biology

• Akira Higaki, Recognition Engineering Applications

• Robert Wakefield-Carl, Recognition Engineering Applications

Special Award Winners:

• Karina Bjazevic, Professional Petroleum Engineers Award

• Annie Benedict, American Vacuum Society

• Lori Won, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award

• Lori Won, SoCal Paleontology Society Award

• Erika Hathaway, The Nuclear Society Award

• Alisa Hathaway, Office of Naval Research (US Navy/US Marine Corps Award

• Regina Lee, Office of Naval Research (U.S. Navy/US Marine Corps Award

• Sina Moshfeghi, Office of Naval Research (U.S. Navy/US Marine Corps Award

• Sina Moshfeghi, United States Air Force Award

• Alisa Hathaway, Yale Science & engineering Association Award

• Karina Bjazevic, SoCal Paleontology Society Award

The Peninsula High Research Program is under the direction of Peter Starodub, a former California Science Teacher of the Year, a press release said.

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