Team photo

Top row, left to right: Matthew Smalling, Jeffery Haag, Joseph Arriola, Daniel Arriola, Nicolas Kalem, Ted Zhang and Erin Magid. Bottom row: Erik Vaughn, Brian Hom, Garrett Smith, Laura Gong, Brian Smalling, Jordan Ewald, Frankie Moore, Blake Carpenter and Josh Magid 

The Palos Verdes High School Underwater Remotely-Operated Vehicle robotics team won first place in the Marine Advanced Technology Education Southern California Regional competition last month at Long Beach City College and now advances to the international competition, a press release said.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District was well represented at the May 13 competition, with two teams competing from both Palos Verdes Intermediate School and Miraleste Intermediate School, and one from Palos Verdes High School.

The MATE competition, an extremely well-run engineering event, uses underwater robotics in a real-life scenario to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts, and to expose students to applications and careers in technical marine operations, the release said.

ROVs are tethered underwater robots used to complete tasks in underwater environments. The PVIT team will now continue to the MATE Center’s 16th Annual International Student ROV Competition where it will compete against more than 40 teams from around the world, including top teams from MATE’s network of regional competitions. The international competition will be held June 22 – 24, 2017 at Long Beach City College.

This PVIT team has competed regionally for the past 10 years and internationally for six. The PVIT team took third place in the 2015 international competition and fourth place in 2016. The ROV team is part of the Palos Verdes Institute of Technology (PVIT), the award-winning engineering program of PV High involving over 150 students on 14 different teams who gather every Sunday to work on real engineering projects, the release said.

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