After receiving only one application, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District has extended the period to apply to the Measure M Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

The original application deadline was Sept. 1, but that has been extended to Jan. 6 in an attempt to attract more interest, said Lora Dodell, assistant to the business services consultant. According to the ballot language for Measure M, the oversight committee must have between seven and nine members.

Six members of the current committee have agreed to serve another four-year term, meaning the single application the district received could fill out the necessary seventh spot. The extension is an effort to attract more interest in hopes of creating a variety of possible committee members, Dodell said.

It’s not clear why there’s been such a dearth of interest from the community in joining the committee, she said.

“One thought is, possibly community members feel that everything’s going smoothly... and possibly that’s the reason there’s no interest,” Dodell said.

The district is still trying to get the word out about the application, she said, and staff will be sending information to community organizations to include in local newsletters in hopes of attracting more local applicants.

The committee was established in 2012, after Measure M was passed in 2011 with nearly 69 percent of the vote, establishing a $374 parcel tax to help bring in revenue for the school district. The tax took effect in 2013, replacing two other parcel taxes that expired that year. The previous two taxes amounted to $374 in total.

The committee is tasked with duties including reviewing how the parcel tax revenue is spent, communicating with the community on approved expenditures and reporting to the PVPUSD Board of Education on how the Measure M funds are spent.

More information and the application to join the committee are available on the district website,

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported Lora Dodell's title.

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