Senior residents of the Palos Verdes Peninsula now have a permanent place to laugh, mingle and learn as the new Peninsula Seniors Scriba Family Center has opened its doors at its new permanent location in Rolling Hills Estates.

The Peninsula Seniors building, located at 602 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 310 in Rolling Hills Estates, has been decades in the making as its 1,100 members have moved at least 16 times during its 30 years.

But now the center starts a new chapter at its larger, brighter, permanent home.

“We had two double wide bungalows (before this),” said Margie Beierschmitt, Executive Director for Peninsula Seniors. “We were a very scrappy organization and now we will be a very dignified organization.”

Peninsula Seniors is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide the adult community of Palos Verdes with fun, interesting and education activities to help keep them social and active.

“I’ve been doing charity stuff and this opportunity came up, they needed a building so … I know they’d been without a building for (years). So, I thought why not get them a building. So, that’s how this came up. I took a night to think about it then I did it the next day,” said Ralph Scriba who donated more than $500,000 to Peninsula Seniors for their new location. “I like things that will make a difference and this will make a big difference for them.”

Their regularly scheduled activities include table tennis, Spanish class, chair yoga and Scrabble just to name a few. And if members don’t see anything on the list that interests them they are free to start their own group.

“It’s almost beyond our wildest dreams to tell you the truth,” said President of Peninsula Seniors Ann Shaw. “People can become isolated. So, our job is to make sure they’re not. That they can come here and they can do things that are fun.”

Dolly Weiner has lived in Ranchos Palos Verdes for the past 40 years and has noticed that there are more seniors living in the hills than younger people which makes the Peninsula Seniors’ job that much more important. The median age in Rancho Palos Verdes for both sexes is 47 years-old according to

“This community has a lot of seniors and we need to keep them occupied so they’re not getting into trouble,” she laughed.

“There’s a lot of activities that we’ve gone to over the years,” said Weiner, a member of the center for the past 15 years. “And we hope that this building, when they start activities here, that they continue and they have more.”

Weiner has participated in the exercise classes, the movie nights and the guests speakers. The only other things she thinks the center could offer more of is cooking classes and language classes since she says she’s “not ready for Bingo! just yet.”

For more information about Peninsula Seniors visit

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