PVE author’s new book encourages kids to love the earth

Unplug the toaster, use cloth bags instead of plastic and remind others to do the same — these are simple, environmentally friendly actions that everyone can take, including young children.

Dawn Wynne, a Palos Verdes Estates resident, has written her second book, “Earth Remembers When,” to teach children how their actions affect the planet.

“I want to empower children to make a difference,” she said. “The book teaches kids to make small changes to affect the environment in a positive way.”

Wynne will appear at The Book Frog in Rolling Hills Estates on June 8 to read and sign “Earth Remembers When.”

She’ll encourage children to unplug appliances, like the toaster or blowdryer, when not in use, and to bring reusable lunch and snack bags, utensils and cloth napkins to school instead of disposable items. While people are getting better at remembering to bring cloth bags to the grocery store, Wynne wants shoppers to bring them to other stores, such as the pharmacy or department stores — which further reduces the use of plastic.

“Plastic is the biggest polluter in the ocean,” she said.

Wynne’s 4-year-old daughter has embraced the message and does her part to practice green living.

“She loves bringing a lunch bag and fabric bags to school, and she picks up litter,” Wynne said. “Her teacher said she was concerned because the lights were left on in the classroom.”

Wynne really wants to reach younger children, as she believes they have it in their power to be environmentally conscious.

“Even someone as young as 3 or 4 can understand that it’s good to turn off the lights, because too many lights heats the earth and melts the ice,” she said. “You can simplify it for children, which is nice. They’re interested in keeping the environment clean and safe.”

“Earth Remembers When” includes a nontoxic fabric bag imprinted with an ocean scene that will help children remember to use cloth bags — and the reason they’re using them.

“My goal is to empower young kids to develop good lifestyle habits, and not assuming that because they’re 3 or 4, they can’t make a difference,” she said. “They want to be helpful and know they’re contributing.”

Dawn Wynne will read and sign “Earth Remembers When” at The Book Frog on June 8 at 12 noon. The book signing will include a craft activity using recyclable materials. The Book Frog is located at 550 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 273, in Rolling Hills Estates. For more information, call (310) 265-BOOK (2665) or visit http://thebookfrog.com. Wynn recently started a blog called The Everyday Environmentalist, which can be found at www.theeverydayenvironmentalist.com.

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