Have you ever visited a village that was a worldwide TV star?

If not, I urge you to stay at the unique Port Meirion Village in North Wales. The village became famous as the set for the 1967 cult classic British TV show "The Prisoner" starring Patrick McGoohan.

If you go there, you'll see a marvelous collection of eccentric houses, homes and other buildings shaped in unconventional sizes and painted in a multitude of garish colors.

Never, in my world travels, have I seen a place more spellbinding and spectacular as Port Meirion. 

Located on the coast of Snowdonia in North Wales, and perched just above the River Dwyryd, Port Meirion and the Village is mysterious, compelling and a photographer’s delight.

Port Meirion, with its dazzling colored odd-shaped buildings is one of Europe’s biggest tourist attractions. It was designed by the Welsh architect Sir Clough Williams Ellis.

Gift shops there abound with everything you could ever wish to know about the TV show and, of course, The Village itself. Down by the estuary you’ll find a wonderful hotel and superb restaurant that adds to the charm of the entire location. Note how “empty” the estuary is at low tide. If North Wales is on your itinerary, Port Meirion epitomizes the word unique.

To give you an idea of that exceptional difference, Wales was—for decades—the place for gray-looking slate quarries. When you see what Port Meirion is, and contrast the grayness of slate to the colorful village, it’s like looking at an orange in a huge heap of black coal.

So, if you’re looking to do something special on your next vacation, be sure to make a reservation, in one of the comfortable, one-of-a-kind rooms in Port Meirion.

One of the “things” that’s “incredibly British,” and that I saw in my Village room as soon as I entered, was the ubiquitous set of cups and saucers, various tea bags, sometimes biscuits (cookies) and a teapot so you can brew your own “cuppa’ tea.” It is a wonderful British touch I’ve always loved.

For reservations and more information, check it out at portmeirion-village.com.

If you’ve visited special places like this, tell me about it at jdcradio@gmail.com.

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