When you think about canal trips in big cities, you probably imagine Venice or Bruges in Belgium.

But London?

Did you know there are canal cruises in that world famous city?

Well, I hope you take this marvelous boat trip when you’re in London. I was captivated not only by the trip itself, but also by its name—so British and understated, with the humble name “Jason’s Trip.”

I was over the moon to find out about this cruise and, after actually taking it, I could see how offbeat it is, and I was thrilled that it gave me a wonderful, very interesting, new “London Experience.”

Seeing the historic scenery of this world famous destination from these unique canals gave me a completely different appreciation of London.

Jason's Trip is the original Regent's Canal Tour and has been operating since 1951.

What made it extra special for me, is the fact that Jason is an authentic 108+ year-old canal boat which was originally used as a cargo-vessel on the canals before it was fitted with a diesel engine and converted to passenger-carrying duties.

How’s that for a bit of British history? Indeed, what was going on in London 108 or so years ago?

The tour runs between Little Venice and Camden lock, and takes about forty-five minutes.

On the trip from Little Venice up to Camden there is a live commentary from trained guides who will tell you all about the canal's history from 1800 to the present day. No commentary on the Camden to Little Venice trips.

On a personal note: Growing up in London as I did, my mother had a wonderful, longtime family friend, Lady Ann Hill, who lived at 31 Maida Avenue by the canal, and we visited frequently.

I recall, as if it were yesterday, how often I thought how neat it’d be to live right by the canal at the above address. So, when my trip aboard the Jason glided past this home many decades later, wow, what a mental trip back into time that gave me.

Looking at the Jason website, I came across this comment, and it encapsulates 100% what the Jason experience is all about: “Excellent. This is a relaxing trip, and we can highly recommend this to anyone. It’s a very peaceful and relaxing thing to do in central London. The commentary was excellent.”

Jason's Trip is one of the highlighted attractions of London Pass—a sightseeing smart card you pay for in advance.

London Pass is available in two basic forms: admissions only, or admissions plus Travelcard, generally as a 1-day, 2-days, 3-days and 6-days pass, that can be used within 12 months after purchasing it. You can order the pass before you travel, and it becomes active when you visit the first site.

For more information about Jason's Trip, visit http://www.jasons.co.uk/booking.php. For more information about London Pass, visit londonpass.com.

To get in touch with John, email jdcradio@gmail.com.

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