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Laura Guglielmo

Rancho Palos Verdes resident Laura Guglielmo was named the new city manager of Palos Verdes Estates at the city’s May 12 city council meeting.

“I’ve spent my entire career in local government, but I’ve never been able to put my skills and ability to work for my own community,” said Guglielmo, who will start the new position on June 15, in a statement. “I’m excited to bring my experience and service ‘home’ and help find solutions for the unique needs and challenges facing the community I’ve chosen to live in for the last 18 years.”

With the novel coronavirus having a profound financial impact on cities across the nation, Mayor David McGowan said the city is now in a transition phase.

“This gives elected officials, leadership and staff a tremendous opportunity to provide new perspectives, fresh ideas and a critical look at how we can make an already great city even better," McGowan said.

Since 2015, Guglielmo has served as the executive officer of the City of Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department. She was also the assistant general manager for the City of Los Angeles Department of Fire and Police Pensions, and served as a senior administrative analyst for the city of Los Angeles Office of the City Administrative Officer.

"(Guglielmo) brings an in-depth understanding of revenue streams, economic sensibilities and long-term planning that our city needs right now as we begin to tackle issues like infrastructure, pension obligations and fiscal sustainability," McGowan said.

Guglielmo will earn a $210,500/year base salary.

The city manager's position has been vacant since Anton Dahlerbruch was dismissed in April 2019.

The City Council voted 4-1 to dismiss Dahlerbruch—with Councilmember Dr. Sanford Davidson dissenting—in a closed session meeting on April 9, 2019, to remove Dahlerbruch and work toward finding an interim city manager.

The conflict between Dahlerbruch appears to have revolved around financial issues and how to handle the city’s ongoing pension liabilities, based on discussion during the election of three new council members, according to The Daily Breeze.

-Nick Ingram contributed to this story

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