A nostalgic and historic event is coming to Palos Verdes High School to celebrate with all past and present Sea Kings. 

From Nov. 29 to Dec.1 the oceanside campus will become the scene of a high school reunion to end all high school reunions.

All alumni, faculty and administrators who have worked or attended PVHS from 1961 to 2019 are invited to attend the All Alumni Reunion Weekend. The campus will host numerous free events including demonstrations, sporting events, campus tours, class and faculty-meet-ups and career networking There will also be plenty of scrumptious food. 

A highlight will be the unveiling ceremony for the James W. Kinney Memorial into the Palos Verdes High School Hall of Fame. 

“Mr. Kinney,” whose name has become synonymous with Palos Verdes High School, was a beloved history teacher and activities director for 30 years.

Kinney was noted for his outstanding dedication to his students, work ethic and would do anything for a friend or colleague. 

“Jim Kinney was certainly an important faculty member,” said Principal Allan Tyner from his office on the PVHS campus. “A lot of students had him, so we hope that will bring a lot of people out to the reunion.” 

Rich Heffernan, (class of 1976) chairman of the PVHS Alumni Association who is helping organize the event said there is something on the agenda for everyone to enjoy. 

Events, he said, include boys soccer, football and lacrosse, girls volleyball, live music, drama performances, yearbook memory sharing, and inductee ceremonies into the PVHS Hall of Fame for administration, coaches and students.

“I think it’s neat the faculty are coming back as well,” said Heffernan who worked for AT&T for 22 years, then returned to PVHS 10 years ago to fulfill a dream to teach economics and coach soccer. “Academically, PVHS set me up for success in college and beyond.” 

Another former student, Hugh Young, has the distinction of being one of the first to graduate from PVHS in 1962. The Kingman, AZ resident said he is definitely looking forward to attending. 

At 74, the retired civil engineer still has fond memories of his senior year. 

“I had a lot of fun in high school—surfed a lot, played beach volleyball, dabbled in studies, but did all right,” said Young who said he still plays a mean volleyball game.

“We had to go to Flemming in Lomita for 10th and 11th grade then to the new Narbonne High School. The (school districts) gave us an option at the end of our junior year to continue to go to Narbonne or go back up the hill for our senior year. I opted to go back to PVHS since it was closer to home.” 

Young said he vaguely remembers the senior prank, but wasn’t a part of unbolting and swiping a fiberglass cow from a business somewhere in Torrance Beach. The bulky bovine was run up a greased flagpole on campus so it would be harder to take down. 

It’s those halcyon-day memories organizers hope will hope encourage former students and faculty to come out and be a part of the highly planned weekend. 

Stephanie Aldrete, class of 1978, is also on the Alumni Association Team. 

“One of my most prominent high school memories will be somewhat re-lived at the reunion celebration,” Aldrete said. “That is, being in Senior Park, meeting up with friends, listening to music and eating lunch, catching up on what's new around campus, and cheering on the Sea Kings at sporting events.” 

Award winning Palos Verdes High School opened in 1961, but declining enrollments forced the school to close in 1991. The campus became the Palos Verdes Intermediate School for a few years, but eventually overcrowding at Peninsula High School led the district to reopen PVHS in 2002. 

Currently, student enrollment sits solidly in the 2,500-plus range. 

“This weekend is about reconnecting alumni with each other and with the high school,” Aldrete said. “I hope the experience is a reminder that we belong to a special high school community with a shared experience that bonds us.” 

For more information and schedule of events go to: pvboosterclub.com 

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