Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas

Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas, who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on May 21, 2020, interviewed other famous married couples for the new book "What Makes A Marriage Work." (Photo courtesy of the publisher)

When asked for advice on the secrets of a happy marriage, Marlo Thomas has said: “Love, listen, and lust.”

If anyone is qualified to answer that question, it’s Marlo and her husband, Phil Donahue. Not only have they been married for 40 years, but they’re also the authors of “What Makes a Marriage Last,” a bestselling book about 40 celebrity couples with successful longterm marriages. Couples such as Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Elton John and David Furnish, Jessie and Jacqueline Jackson sat down with Marlo and Phil and shared what they do to keep their marriages happy and healthy.

Marlo and Phil interviewed most of the couples in their own homes, and they have some fascinating stories. 

Thanks to the Peninsula Friends of the Library, you can watch and listen to Marlo and Phil from the safety and comfort of your home, via Zoom, on Friday, July 24, from 5-6 pm.

Tom Sullivan and Mary Jo Hazard will be the moderators. The tickets, which support Friends of the Library, are $40, which includes an autographed and shipped copy of the book.

Space is limited. To sign up, visit for the Marlo and Phil Zoom Event.

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