The Rancho Palos Verdes City Council on Tuesday night voted to replace their City Attorney Dave Aleshire with his law firm partner, Bill Wynder.

While Wynder will be taking over the bulk of the position’s duties and the title, Aleshire will remain on board to finish larger projects related to the Portuguese Bend Landslide and the citizen-led effort to make Rancho Palos Verdes a charter city.

The council decided to make the move after a February performance review revealed Aleshire was stretched too thin as the managing partner for his firm and the city attorney for three cities, including Bell and Signal Hill.

“I think two cities and being managing partner is a full plate, but three cities and being managing partner is ‘my cup runneth over,’” Wynder said.

Both the council and Aleshire agreed that it would be better if they could work with an attorney who had more time in the same firm. Wynder, who specializes in public sector litigation, is also the city attorney for the city of Glendora. He recently returned from a two-year sabbatical and has the time to devote to another city, Aleshire said.

“(Aleshire) wasn’t as available as we needed him to be,” Mayor Susan Brooks said. ” … Now we’re getting somebody with equal experience to really stick to the city and get to know the city. It’s the best thing for the city and the best thing for the taxpayer.”

This comes as the city is facing growing legal costs from lawsuits and unanswered public records requests from former mayor Brian Campbell

“Council has made it abundantly clear to me that I have to manage this account,” Wynder said at the council meeting.

Aleshire was named city attorney in 2015 after beating out the city’s former longtime legal counsel with a lower bid.

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