The Palos Verdes Art Center has given new, giant life to wallpapering as its building was wrapped Saturday, Aug. 31, in 36-inch panels that added up to eye-fetching splendor.

The three-dimensional botanical theme by Portland artist Deb Stoner encapsulates a one-of-a-kind visualization of blossoming flowers and vivid inhabitants such as ladybugs, bumblebees and katydids in high-resolution glory.

Stoner was among nearly 200 entries from all over the world to submit her neo-baroque floral photography design to a closed PVAC jury panel.

To achieve such vivid, eye-fetching colors, Stoner used a commercial digital printer after shooting images in extremely high resolution. She arranged the objects on top of the glass with the top of the scanner removed.

The depth of field is only about an inch, then everything goes black, which becomes the color of the backdrop of her impressive floral layout. The photography and design for the wrap took about eight months from start to finish.

The PVAC building wrap kicks off the center’s newest exhibition: “On the Surface: Wallpaper from 1797 to the Present,” organized by PVAC and Boston artist and collector Scott Dahill.

An opening reception for the exhibit is Sept. 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. Wallpaper artists, including Astek, an award-winning wall covering designer from Van Nuys which employs dozens of full-time artists, will be on hand to greet guests.

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