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How great to be stuck at home by order of my state governor!

Now I can do all the things I’ve been putting off for ages. No excuses like—got to market, got to go to a workshop, gotta meet Ruth for lunch.

Nope, I’m supposed to just hunker down within my four walls. Well, I can take a turn in the garden, I suppose, if the sun is shining.

So what shall I tackle first? 

The obvious answer is my office files which are in a terrible state of chaos and dilapidation. Rolling up my sleeves, I started in on them.

The first file I took out was stuffed full of clippings and labeled “Paarties.”  Hmmm. 

There’s a birthday jamboree for Steve aged five. He’s looking as serious as you can wearing a pointed hat with an elastic under the chin. Next to him is Sarah, aged four, swiping an extra piece of cake when she thinks nobody’s looking. Fred is two and just grinning mindlessly at the camera.  

Skipping the rest of early birthdays, I move to "Adult Parties."

This one was my husband’s seventieth. So many treasured friends who are now living on another planet. Alas, but we had a steel band and dancing and big moon-like lights strung over the patio . . . oh! I can see I’m never going to get anywhere if I keep reminiscing like this.

I move on to the cupboard that holds the files for my writing.

There are lots of folders there representing children’s books that never got published. And no wonder, since I mostly sent them out to one editor and if that person didn’t jump to offer me a contract, I just shelved the whole thing and wrote another story.

I steel myself not to revisit "Catch a Falling Star" and the one about the boy who loved snakes. I’m afraid organizing my files is going to take more time than I suspected. 

There’s a basket in the guest room closet full of damask napkins from last year’s holiday season. They could use ironing. But I’m not in the mood today. I mean the way things are going, who knows if we’ll even have a turkey next November?

My tidy little mother used to straighten out my bureau drawers whenever she visited.   

At first I was embarrassed that she’d seen the jumble I kept my scarves and underwear in, then I decided that if she got her kicks out of neatly folding all that stuff, I wouldn’t stop her.

But I knew that as soon as she left, I’d go right back to throwing panties and nighties in the drawers any which way. Face it. Nobody sees those drawers but me and I don’t care how they look.

I did fill a big box with books for a library sale. Do you think they will want my ancient copy of  "Babar the Elephant" in French?  Or my husband’s treasured collection of books filled with  stories about the exploits of "The Overall Boys?"

Not sure if those titles will be potent enough to lure a child away from video games.

Oh speaking of videos, I’ve got some good movies lined up on Amazon Prime.  

Maybe that’s the best use of all the time I’m saving by not leaving the house. There’s got to be some compensation for being stuck at home, doesn't there?

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