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Hey, I did it folks. I found the new Peninsula Seniors building. Okay, with a little help from my friend after many futile attempts to find the place.

“You pass the place that used to be Yummy Yogurt”, she said, “and then turn left.”

So I did exactly that and voila!, Here it was: a newly decorated home just waiting to welcome all who qualify as seniors. Incidentally, Peninsula Seniors has no age limit, so if you feel as if you're a senior, then you're eligible.

I was lucky enough to pop in on a day when Ann Shaw, who has been the guiding hand for the Seniors since its inception, was there, Ann, along with Executive Director Margie Beierschmidt, took me on a tour of their attractive facility.

Ann assured me they have the go-ahead from Rolling Hills Estates to put up a sign on Deep Valley Drive. That will make it much easier to find for people who don't remember Yummy Yogurt.

As you enter the building you a see a comfortable lounge studded with armchairs and sofas which seem to be just begging you to sit down and have a chat.

Beyond the lounge is a large room used for multiple purposes. They have Chair Yoga there, also show recent movies, play or board games there and have ping pong tournaments.

My ears pricked up at this last bit of info as ping pong is my only sport. Hmmmm, I wonder how good the regulars are? I'm a little rusty at present. Guess, I 'll have to join in and find out.

My tour guides showed me the immaculate kitchen with a fridge that seemed to be stocked with nothing but cookies. There was a coffee pot out in the hall for making java to go with all those cookies.

I saw the storage space, two really nice bathrooms and three office., all fresh and new and clean as a whistle.

The Peninsula Seniors have many activities going on in their new facility, but their reach extends beyond that.

They have regular lectures at Hesse Park on Wednesday mornings. I heard a fascinating talk by Michael Choi, the young man who runs the herd of 600 goats you see munching their way around the Peninsula.

And being called Peninsula Seniors doesn't mean their activities stop at our borders.

You can take a bus this month to Santa Barbara or next month to the Del Mar races. If you're a daredevil, you can take a chance on one called New Years Eve that doesn't tell you where it's going.

I notice they plan to celebrate the coming years at the London time of 4 p.m. Gosh, and I thought I was a sissy for yelling “Happy New Year” at 9 p.m. New York time!

The current issue of Peninsula Seniors Connections features Ed Newhall, one of 117 volunteers. Ed, a lifetime athlete, is in charge of the semi-weekly ping pong tournaments. Oh oh, I fear my ping pong skills will be no match for his.

Now, I'm gong to tell you a secret.

If you go the end of the main parking lot of the Peninsula Center Library, you will find a hidden staircase. Descend those stairs and you'll be right at the Alan and Dorothy Lay entrance to the building.

Maybe someday they'll mark those stairs with a sign. Until then, it's just between us.

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