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Jean Shriver

I never was much of a TV watcher.

My family didn’t get a set until after I left home. When I married, I refused to let my husband buy a television for our tiny Connecticut apartment. One night we had to walk across Greenwich in a howling snowstorm to watch “Anastasia” at a friend’s house. The next day Charlie brought home a TV set.

As a busy young mother I can remember watching "East Side West Side" with George C. Scott while I was ironing.

And when the older two children were in school, the youngest would come to me yelling, “Mom, Mom, time for Deptity Dawg,”  which he knew was my favorite part of "Captain Kangaroo." But that was about it for me and TV. 

Not being a sports fan, game after game played on our set without me as a watcher.

When the children were teenagers, one of the only things we as a family agreed on was watching Monty Python on Sunday nights, all five us sprawled on the double bed in the master bedroom.

At other times Charlie would watch sports and “All in the Family.”  The kids watched “Lassie" and anything else I’d let them see. And what did I do? I read. And read and read.

As a school librarian, I worked my way through piles of children’s books so I could encourage classes to read them for themselves.

After I retired, from that job, I  kept on reading—everything  from "The Feminine Mystique" to "Lord of the Rings" and lots of mysteries which I’ve loved since reading Nancy Drew under the covers at night.

But now for the first time in my life, I am living alone. And my eyes are fading. Which means by the end of the day the television is calling to me.

Luckily, we are in a new era of entertainment. So, when I open my laptop the riches of Netflix and Amazon Prime are spread out before me in glittering array. There are movies and shows galore and the price of having all these choices is worth it to me. I even paid a bit extra to see the Korean movie "Parasite," that won the Oscar this year, and it was terrific.

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what to watch next.

I heard a lot about the show Ozark and watched a few times—too much cruelty and betrayal for me. The state of the country is so harsh at the moment that I need something kinder. I enjoyed the comedy "The Ranch" from start to finish.

Then, I started on "Anne with an E," based on the old book, "Anne of Green Gables."  It's set on Prince Edward Island at the turn of the 20th century.  Anne is an orphan girl who comes to live with an unmarried brother and sister on their small farm.

Anne is impetuous and outspoken and gets herself in hot water quite a bit. I smile as I picture her running through the woods, red braids flopping down her back.

Maybe there was a time in my life when I would have considered the show too mild.

Right now it suits me fine and I’m sorry to see that soon Anne will be going to college and my happy time with her will be over. 

I should start hunting around for another show I can follow with enthusiasm. Maybe a British detective series. Any suggestions?

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