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My last column was about the past because there is so little going on in the present. 

But this week something has actually happened to me, though it's not something I would have chosen.

The right side of my face had been hurting. My eye was shut when I got up in the morning and the skin on the back of my neck was sensitive to the touch. What in the world? 

Even my daughter-in-law, a nurse, couldn’t figure it out. 

We went to my doctor who gave me an antibiotic and sent me home.

I took I that pill faithfully for a week, then scabs started to appear on the right side of my face from my forehead to my chin while the pain in my head had not abated.

So off we went, my daughter-in-law and me. This time to the skin doctor.

She took one look at my unlovely face and pronounced “shingles.”

That’s a condition that always attacks only one side of the boy and never crosses over the central line. Hence the pain only on my right side. We threw out the antibiotic and started on a course of antiviral pills with a cream for my myriad scabs and a sense of relief that I finally knew what was getting me down. 

So, that's something you can do while you wait for the vaccine to protect against COVID-19. Get your shingles vaccine!

Our very own Dr. Marian Wymore, also a PV News columnist in this space, wrote in October that the shingles vaccine is often overlooked. Shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus many of us had as children.

It lies dormant for many years and then, whamo, it erupts into these painful cysts.

Wymore reports you are eligible for the shingles vaccine (Shingrix) if you are 50 or older. It takes two shots, two to six months apart. And even if you've already had shingles or received the old version of the vaccine, you should get it, she says.

As for me now, I still feel like a limp rag and am not interested in going anywhere which is lucky because there is nowhere to go.

My only outings since the lockdown have been to Trader Joe's and my nice son is willing to do that for me. So, what am I doing?  

Well, I am reading Barack Obama’s latest book, "A Promised Land." It’s so well written that I don’t mind that it’s 700 pages long, except that it’s quite heavy to lift.  

My best distraction is wonderful Netflix which I get on my laptop every evening. Netflix is crammed with so many distractions from this world of woe. 

My latest find was a movie called "The Dig" about discovering an ancient Anglo-Saxon trove on a woman’s land just before World War II.

If you prefer comedy there’s a series called "The Ranch" starring two favorites of mine: Sam Elliot and Debra Winger or you can try the Irish show "Derry Girls."

I avoid the scary shows, but if you want to be spooked, there are plenty of choices. 

Some of my favorites I’m not going to tell you about, because I don’t want anybody to know I watch shows that are so goofy. 

For crime shows, I watch British mysteries because the cops don’t go around shooting people. And I’m always sad when a long and loved series ends because the characters have come to seem like family, and I can’t believe they’re going out of my life forever.

I’ve been known to sneak back in and watch an episode or two just for old times' sake. 

Sorry I can’t report an exciting parachute jump or report on a Super Bowl party but that’s how it goes this week.  

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