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I just got back from microblading. 

No, I wasn’t down on The Strand skirting around on tiny roller skates looking for a hard spot to land. It means I just had an au naturale procedure to bring back the look of bountiful, butterfly eyebrows that have eluded me in my later decades. 

It was painless and fun. Well, not fun and a teeny bit painful for a few split seconds at a time. But yes, I am totally happy with the results. 

My husband said the brows look higher which is a good thing because now I don’t need the eye lift I was never going to have. 

Also, the procedure is simple and the effect only lasts a year or two. 

The eyebrows are numbed with a strong topical ointment that soaks into the skin allowing the technician to make nanoscale slits with a tiny, scalpel-like device. It feels more like you’re getting your eyebrows plucked, but that’s not the case. You keep your own eyebrows, which adds to the natural look of the feathery splices. 

Working up the nerve to microblade reminded me of the time I broke my nose horseback riding in Malibu Canyon. I rented a surly horse and assured the stable hands I could manage him. 

I finally got the mean SOM (Son-of-a-Mare) where I wanted him on a hill over looking the jeweled Pacific Ocean. Panning the view, I reached down to pat his sweet, velvety cheek. 

SOM took that opportunity to rear back and try to shake the reins out of his mouth, while making contact with my nose. I heard an ugly crack, then the demon ran away with me at a full gallop all the way back to the stables. 

This happened the day before I was getting my tonsils out. 

I didn’t know my nose was broken, but a few days later during a check up, the surgeon said my nose was flattening out and recommended I get it repaired right away. So, a few weeks after the tonsillectomy, I was back in the hospital getting my nose fixed. 

I never thought about my nose, but I couldn’t imagine the plastic surgeon making it exactly like my old one, so I fretted and fretted. 

That was the feeling I went into with the microblading procedure—I just knew I was going to sneeze and end up with a world map on my forehead. 

But like the nose job, my fears were unfounded. 

One of my best friends had the procedure done with the same technician a week before and she looked great.

Audrey Renee from iBrow Art Studio in the Golden Cove Shopping Center in Rancho Palos Verdes is a former professional make-up artist and highly trained technician. She went to the Phi Academy and through the Los Angeles Health Department’s blood borne pathogens certification program to earn her necessary credentials. She said she has to take refresher classes every year and has performed microblading on more than 500 customers in less than two years. 

Prices vary with specials and demand, but this is something you don’t want to do on the cheap. 

When I told my granddaughter Shellby about my eyebrows, she hooted. 

Against all admonitions and discouragement, all my stepkids and adult grandkids have conformed to the cultural mores of the times and have gotten tattoos. 

My own mother painted such a horrifying picture of tatoos I’ve never remotely considered getting one as an adult. At 15, all I wanted to do was tattoo my birthday zodiac sign somewhere on my blemish free body. 

She said, “Debbie, what do you think that’s going to look like on wrinkly, old skin in your 40s and 50s?”


That scary scenario was forever imprinted on my vain, fad-conscience teenage brain, plus seeing Grandpa Hitt’s fading, crusty, old tiger tattoo close up, sealed the decision.

I’m just glad I grew up quickly enough to outgrow the desire for a permanent Virgo on my fanny.

These temporary eyebrows are so much more sensible.

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