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Well people, coronavirus social distancing is getting a bit old, isn’t it? 

Talking to yourself and scrambling through old TV and Netflix shows to find one that A) you haven’t  seen and B) one that's not too depressing.

I’ve been enjoying "The Ranch" with sexy old Sam Elliot and The Worriker Trilogy with sexy old Bill Nighy.

If you’re not into sexy old men, you’ll have to do your own research to find what entertains you. 

My next door family is a consolation, though they won’t let me go to the grocery store on my own, so I have to depend on their choices.

In reality, it’s more like they bring home whatever they can find on those denuded grocery shelves.

If we had plenty of food for all of us just a few weeks ago and we haven’t had an influx of visitors from another planet, why is it nobody can find bread these days? 

Who has a huge Piggy Giant sitting in their house gobbling up Wonder Bread and Twinkies?

If this coronavirus crisis continues, people are going to come out of quarantine astonished to find they’ve gained twenty pounds.

Even future fun is being canceled. 

My cousin’s child was getting married in June. They were planning an outdoor wedding around a beautiful lake in Montana. We all made plane reservations and got nearby rooms. Now that wedding has been put off until June of 2021 and we’re all busy changing plans.

Alas, I still haven’t managed to put all this extra time this dratted virus has given me to good use. 

Yesterday I saw my daughter-in-law taking all her rugs outside to clean them.

Not me. 

I have run around with a dust cloth trying to make things look respectable and I’ve faithfully done laundry and washed dishes. 

But I’ve cleverly avoided doing any of those myriad tasks on my “someday”  list,  as in "Someday I’m going to have time to do this."

Well, I’ve got time now, but not the will nor the energy to reorganize my office or even to sort out my tax papers. If the government can put off filing, I can put off getting my numbers in shape.

Shape! Ah, that brings up another thing I’m not doing ... exercising.

This would be the perfect time to limber up all my limbs and see if I can find my waistline again.

I have started tramping around the property a few times, but always find myself beguiled by a birds song or a a bewitching flower waving at me. There are some stone benches in the garden which make a perfect place to sit down and watch the world go by.

I hang around my computer too.  

Idly pushing the keys and staring at the screen to see what the other homebound people are thinking about. 

Too many seem to be thinking about toilet paper and repeating jokes that weren’t very funny in the first place. 

If someone wants to waste time they should do as I do and start playing "Words with Friends" with about a million people.  

There are plenty of other computer games you can waste your time with.  Don’t shake your finger at me!

It’s better than getting into the liquor cabinet, isn’t it?

So I’ll close this piece with wishing all of you well and begging you to stay clean and safe!

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