As she began the second semester of her senior year and her final athletic season in high school, Savannah Scriven had her sights set on entering Palos Verdes High lore.

"Coming off the cross country season I'd just had, my coaches said there was no doubt (I could break 5 minutes in the 1600-meter)," Scriven said. "I wanted to break the school record."

The school record in the 1600 is 4:47.33, set by 2012 alum Rebecca Mehra.

The UCLA-bound Scriven took first place at the CIF Southern Section Division 3 championships Nov. 23, 2019, and took second at the CIF State Division III championships the following weekend.

In early March, the novel coronavirus threw a wrench in Scriven's plans.

The Redondo Track Festival, scheduled for March 13-14 was postponed, but initially, it wasn't going to deter coach Brian Shapiro from entering PV into meets.

"After the Redondo event was postponed, (Shapiro) said he would continuously search for small meets that didn't get canceled," Scriven said. "At that point, all the big meets with people from all over were getting canceled."

As the dominoes began to fall, Shapiro reminded both Scriven and her teammates not to lose focus.

"(Shapiro) told us to keep our heads up, and reminded us we'd be able to race at some point, and that we needed to be ready when that time comes," Scriven said.

Intent on picking up the season when it does resume, Scriven has continued to train as if she were training for a race.

She begins her week running 6 miles on Monday, with Saturday's run being the longest at 11 miles. Scriven said she averages 7 miles per day.

Scriven noted that initially, when school and organized practices were canceled, she'd run with her teammates. But as time went on and the COVID-19 situation began to get more serious, she found herself running by herself.

"At first, a few of the girls would meet up and train together," Scriven said. "I miss my teammates, because running with them is a highlight of my day, and they always make me laugh. I'm used to running as a team, and I miss that part of it."

Despite having to run on her own, Scriven has begun to enjoy more of the views on her daily runs.

"Running along, I notice more nature. It's nice to notice more nature, and feel connected to that when all other parts of life feel so uncertain," she said. "It's a nice distraction, and it takes me out of the reality of not being able to race for a while."

Scriven is no stranger to enjoying nature—she's also a member of PV's surf team.

"Surfing has always grounded me and makes me feel relaxed and happy," Scriven said. "I love having that, especially now. But I am definitely careful and surf away from any storm runoff pipes."

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