The fourth meeting of the season will be the most important one.

When the Palos Verdes and Redondo girls lacrosse teams meet Wednesday, it will be for for the US Lacrosse Los Angeles Section championship at Westlake High School. 

“It’s a very even matchup,” first-year PV coach Justine Beirne said. “It’s going to be great watching these young women push themselves.” 

There’s been a few things Beirne brought to the program that have pushed the Sea Kings this season, one of them being the girls fitness.

“In my opinion, they’re one of the fastest teams I’ve ever coached,” Beirne said.

Beirne also noted the girls have been all-in regarding playing as a team.

“We our principles over personalities, and we do not deviate no matter what the other team is doing,” Beirne said. “We always do the right thing, which is set up a play, and every single person on the field is on board with that.”

PV won two of the three matchups, but there was a constant in all three meetings: the winning team rallied before emerging victorious.

Beirne knows what to expect Wednesday night.

“Redondo has a number of athletes,” Beirne said. “We have to be ready for any of them to have outstanding performances.”

PV and Redondo split the 2019 Bay League title.

PV’s boys will play in the LA Section title game following the girls game, squaring off against Loyola. 

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