Head coach Dave Young sees the amount of wear and tear the Peninsula High field gets during the football season.

One of his biggest points of interest: making sure the field is taken care off for winter and spring sports.

"It's a good grass field for football, and it remains a good stadium during the length of the year," Young said. "The problem lies in sports after football. It becomes a dirt track."

Following the football season, both soccer (boys and girls) and lacrosse (boys and girls) practice and compete at the Peninsula stadium.

"The field isn't just a football issue. It impacts all of our seasons," Peninsula High Principal Brent Kuykendall said. "I know for sure the lacrosse players would love to have a fresh field (to play on)."

Those aren't the only teams that either practice or play on the Rolling Hills Estates field.

"Our field gets a lot of use from outside agencies," Young said. "Because it's grass, it gets used so much. I don't know how much of that money goes back into the field."

Kuykendall said the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District has many facility needs throughout its schools and buildings, but he's made his top priority clear.

"I feel a new synthetic field should be on the list," Kukyendall said. 

Young cited the aging stands as one area of concern, but also feels the viewing platform for the scorekeeper, timekeeper and announcer, as well as media, could use some improvements.

"I'd like to see us get a press box, and have a viewing platform for both teams," Young said. "It gives the scorekeeper, timekeeper and announcer better views of the game, and all in all, it gives the stadium a better view."

While Young is not banking on the district to make the improvements, he has gotten help from Larry Joe Campbell, along with parents, the Peninsula Athletic Booster Club and some corporations in hopes of sponsoring a field renewal.

He's found it's been a tough sell, and donors are uneasy about supporting since the stadium doesn't have lights, so night games are not an option.

But Young is happy to have the support of Principal Kuykendall, a 1995 Peninsula alumni.

"Brent has been great, and extremely supportive for all of our sports," Young said. "He played sports at Peninsula, and he understands the value and what it takes to get programs to compete at a top level."

Ideally, Young would like to see Peninsula move to an artificial turf like most other schools, including Palos Verdes High.

But the costly question of artificial turf for Peninsula has only been informally touched on by the school board, according to President Linda Reid, who added the PV High turf was funded through private, booster club donations.

"We have a lot of facilities needs right now we have to address," said Reid.

A facilities advisory committee has been working on the 2017 master plan, according to Keith Butler, associate superintendent, business services for PVPUSD. That committee will present a list of priorities to the school board in October, he said.

It's not only the field and the stadium coach Young feels are in need of improvements.

"I'd love to have connection to facilities underneath, and an improved locker room situation," Young said. "Football is the only team with a locker room. All the other Peninsula sports use sheds."

What's struck Young's attention the most when away from Peninsula is the quality of fields not only at rival schools, but the facilities at others.

"One year we went to Leuzinger, and we noticed how much nicer their facilities have gotten," Young said. "Centennial (Compton) has gotten a lot better, too. It's funny when you go other places and see how nice they are. We're a little outdated."

Kuykendall echoed this sentiment, comparing Peninsula's facilities to those at Redondo and Torrance high, and the ongoing construction at Mira Costa.

"When you look at the surrounding community, everyone has gone to synthetic fields," Kuykendall said. "We're one of the last natural grass stadiums in the area. I'd love to get one, but I'm hesitant to say when it will happen."

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